Cantonment Board Allahabad
छावनी परिषद इलाहाबाद

About Us
Cantonment Board Allahabad, is the municipal authority for the complete Cantonment which is situated in three different pockets at New, Old and Fort Cantonments. The Cantonment Board was established in 1857 and looks after the municipal administration in the Cantonment area The Board undertakes all the municipal functions like the neighboring municipal body i.e. the Nagar Nigam, but unlike other municipal bodies, undertakes land management also in the civil area which is one of its statutory duties.

Allahabad Cantonment is a Category II Cantonment. The Board is administered by a Board with the Sub-Area Commander as the ex-officio President.

Name Description
Brig. Ram Pratap Singh, PCB President
Shri Arun Kumar Sonkar Vice President
Shri Mane Amit Kumar Baburao Chief Executive Officer and Member Secretary
Brig. S. Das SEMO/Ex-Officio
Shri K.V. Reddy GE(W)/Ex-Officio
Shri M.P. Singh, ADM F&R -
Col. Robert Pereira, NM -
Col. Sumit Sharma, NM -
Smt.Kusum Lata E.M., Ward No.1
Shri Jitendra Kumar E. M., Ward No.2
Shri Jani Babu Sonkar E. M., Ward No.3
Shri Mukesh Kumar Yadav E. M., Ward No.4
Smt. Ranjana E.M., Ward No.5
Smt. Priti Jaiswar E.M., Ward No.6