Cantonment Board Allahabad
छावनी परिषद इलाहाबाद


Sl No. Particulars Per Rates Rs.


i) Building application form 1 set of 3 forms 150.00
ii) Transfer of property (assessment register) Each 50.00
iii) Mutation form(GLR) Each 50.00
iv) Trade Licence form Each 25.00
v) Tender Forms- upto 1 lac Each Tender 500.00
  Beyond 1 lac to 10 lacs Each Tender 750.00
  Beyond 10 lacs to 25 lacs Each Tender 1000.00
  Beyond 25 lacs to 50 lacs Each Tender 1500.00

Beyond 50 lacs

Each Tender 2000.00
vi) Quotation Forms- Upto 1 lac Each Form 200.00
  Beyond 1lac to 10 lacs Each Form 3 00.00
  10 lacs and above Each Form 500.00
vii) Any other forms under Cantt. Act and Misc. forms Each 50.00
II Registration Fees
i) Class 'A' Contractors Each 5000.00
ii) Class 'B' Contractors Each 2500.00
III Education Fees
i) Computer education Fees Per month 25.00
ii) Tuition Fees Per month 20.00
iii) Transfer Certificate Fee Each 25.00
iv) Admission Fee Each 30.00
v) Annual Sports and Games Fee One year 5.00
vi) Misc. fee ECA One year 5.00
IV Charges for Impounded Cattles
i) Elephant Each 1000.00 Each
ii) Bull OX/Ball, Cow, Buffallow, Horse. Parwa. Pariya. Ass & Khachchar. Each 500.00 Each
iii) Cow/Buffalow's child less than one year and Bachiya, Bachhwa. Ghori, Bachheri, He/She Goat, Sheep, Memna. E ach 225.00 Each
iv) Pigs and Pig's child E ach 550.00 Each
V Charges of Water Tanker
i) For Cantt. Area    
  New Cantt. One Tanker 200.00
  Old Cantt One Tanker 300.00
  Fort Cantt One Tanker 300.00
ii) Outside Cantt. Area within 10 kms. One Tanker 600.00
VI Mutation Fees
i) Transfer U/s 81 of Cantt. Act 2006 in Revenue records. Each
(With Permission)
(Without Permission)
ii) Mutation in r/o General Land Register Each Processing Fee of 250/- in addition to advertisement charges.
VII Certificates
i) Birth Certificates Each Emergency-300/-
within three days -100/-
Normal -25/-
Additional copies -25 each
ii) Death Certificates Each Emergency -150/-
Within three days -50/-
Normal -15/-
Additional copies -25/- each
VIII Extracts
i) General Land Register Each page 200.00
ii) Assessment Register Each page   200.00  
iii) Miscellaneous   Each page   200.00  
IX   Licence Fee  
i)   Class 'A' Contractors   Annual   5000.00  
ii)   Class 'B' Contractors   Annual   2500.00  
iii)   Trade Licence   Annual   Varying
iv)   Hawking Licence   Per month   15.00  
v)   Dog Licence   Annual   300/- per year  
vi)   Rickshaw Licence   Each  
vii)   Rickshaw Driving Licence Each  
viii)   Hackney Carriage Licence   Annual  
ix)   Cable Operator Licence   Annual   3500.00  
X   Water Connection Charges  
i)   Connection Charges   Each  200.00  
ii)   Road Damages   Each   500.0
iii)   Security money   Each   500.00  
iv)   Reconnection charges   Each   200.00  
v)   Security money without NOC from the owner   Each   1500.00  
XI   Water Rate  
i)   1/2 Water charges per connection   Per month   70.00  
ii)   3/4 Water charges per connection   Per month   80.00  
XII   Parking Fee  
i)   Cycle   Each   5.00
ii)   Scooter/motor cycle   Each   10.00  
iii)   Car/jeep/light vehicle   Each   30.00  
iv)   Bus/tractor trolley and truck   Each   100.00  
v)   Mini bus/tractor Each   60.00  
vi)   Rickshaw   Each   10.00  
vii)   Tanga   Each   10.00  
viii   Three wheeler taxi   Each   20.00  
XIII   Roadside Parking of Vehicles per vehicle
Roadside Parking of Vehicles per vehicle Monthly   Light vehicle 200/-  
Heavy vehicle 500/-
XIV Tehbazari
Upto 10 sq.ft 5.00
10 to 25 sq.ft. 10.00
25 to 60 sq.ft. 15.00
25 sq. ft. extra 20.00
i) Sweets -do- -do-
ii) Chat -do- -do-
iii) Fruits -do- -do-
iv) Pan -do- -do-
v) Vishad Khana -do- -do-
vi) Magician -do- -do-
vii) Vegetables -do- -do-
viii) Flowers -do- -do-
ix) Tea/Bread/Biscuits -do- -do-
x) Kanghi/Maala/Sheesha -do- -do-
xi) Aluminium/Steel Utensils -do- -do-