Cantonment Board Allahabad
छावनी परिषद इलाहाबाद


Arboriculture and Parks

The Cantonment Board maintains around twelve parks in the Cantonment. Sangam Vatika and Saraswati Ghat Parks are visited by people not only in Cantonment but by people from Nagar Nigam Area. The Saraswati Ghat which a very important Ghat in Allahabad has been taken over by the Cantonment Board from Allahabad Development Authority (A.D.A.) in May 2005 and is now being maintained by Cantonment Board.



Name of Park Location

1 Ambedkar Park Sadar Bazaar, New Cantt.
2 Gudiya Ka Maidan Sadar Bazaar, New Cantt.
3 Children Park B.I. Bazaar, New Cantt.
4 Children Park I.I. Bazaar, New Cantt.
5 Subhash Park Mzhorganj, New Cantt.
6 Children Park Mzhorganj, New Cantt.
7 Children Park Shambhoo Barrack.
8 Children Park B.P. Goyal Colony
9 Parks in front of D.S.O.I. D.S.O.I.
10 Children Park Baghara Old Cantt.
11 Sangam  Vatika Old Cantt.
12 Krishna Udyan Fort Cantt.
13 Saraswati Ghat Park Fort Cantt.

Tree plantation is being got done along road sides of the Cantonment through Department and Local Forest Department in phases. It will help to beautify entire Cantt.